Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chef Jeff at Norfolk State

Food Network star Chef Jeff, of the Chef Jeff Project, visited one of our local colleges. Norfolk State University, located on Norfolk,Va. (Behold the Green and the Gold)! All that attended were able to see first hand, the caring and compassion that is often displayed in his show. He spoke to students, staff and many others that only wanted to get a glimpse of the TV personality, but all left with much more.His electric smile warmed the audience as he reminded us on the importance of making and choosing the right decisions for ourselves and our families. That hard work is worth the effort, and it will pay off. He is dedicated to providing a second chance to individuals in the hope that they will see their full potential and shine as stars as well. Everyone purchase a copy of his biography to read the full story that led to his success.(NO, he didn't pay me to say this). Thank you Chef Jeff!

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