Saturday, January 31, 2009

Paula Deen

Wow! It has been a min. since my last post. I promise I will be more disciplined with keeping you informed. Now, let me bring you up to speed. SilverSpoon Bakery was privileged,(our should I say lucky), to make a cake for the southern queen herself, Paula Deen, during one of her trips to our area for Smithfield Foods. She was so warm and really enjoyed our cake. (so did Michael). I hated the fact that I looked like I was just run over by a bus when I finally got to meet her. Boy, did we work hard that day. ( Rachel at our booth during the show). We delivered several wedding cakes along with working at the event. We knew she was a fan of almond cake, so what could be better? Maybe a bavarian cream filling? Yeah, that should work. So that's what we did, and little to say, she loved it. Along, with several staff members! Thanks Paula! You're a Sweetie"

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