Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Future Pastry Chefs!!

We were so excited to have help in the kitchen this summer, baking our favorite cakes. The campers selected our bakery for one of their field trips this year. Each camper was given a chef's hat and apron as they prepared for the bakery tour.
The Cake Decorating Contest was a blast. I could not control my joy, as I watched the young pastry chefs begin.
1. Each camper was given their favorite treat (mmmummm!!) m&m's, oreo's, sprinkles, etc. they used their own creativity to decorate the cakes to reflect their own personality.
2. They worked as individuals collectively at the table
4. There were two winners and given prizes for their efforts.
It was a great day, I hope they come back soon... the holiday's are coming and we need help with the fruit cakes. :)

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