Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Young Pastry Chef Photo Album !!

"Wow look at the imagination and creativity"

"That is truly a masterpiece"

"So much thought and energy"

"I'm glad everyone is having fun"

"That looks very tasty"

"The color green never looked so wonderful"

"And away they go to decorate"

"The winner is"

"Tasty Cake"

"The grand prize goes too"

"How beautiful"

"It looks marvelous"

"So many little hands to help"

"I am having so much fun watching everyone"

"A new design for red velvet cake"

" A smiley face"

"She's having a blast"

"Orange and more orange"

"Green, Green and more Green"

"And they are off"

"Oreo cookies"

"This was so much fun"

"A smile is priceless"

"It was great to host everyone"

"The icing is tasty"

"Everyone had fun"

"Looks good"

"Thank you Silver Spoon"

"We had a blast"

"See you next summer"

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