Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rodgers Banana Pudding Sauce

In April, while participating in TASTE of the Pennsula, I came across another vendor with a beautiful display. Being a southern girl, I was immediately drawn over to see what I thought was banana pudding. Well, I was right. I met Rodger and his lovely wife, of ROGER'S BANANA PUDDING SAUCE and was smitten. After tasting his dessert,layered with fresh bananas,and crisp vanilla wafers, I knew we had to carry this product in our store. Without any delay, I placed an order and we now have it in stock. We currently carry the 16oz jar for $6.00. Simply add your own bananas and vanilla wafers and your dessert is ready. No more standing over the stove and stirring custard hoping not to burn the bottom. Come in for a jar, you will be hooked too. For more information on Rodger's Banana Pudding Sauce check out his website. www.rodgersbananapudding.com.

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