Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's Been Happening!!

Well, let me start by apologizing for not posting in a while. That show you how busy we have been.From weddings to the Portsmouth Farmer's Market and now to graduations, we have been truly blessed with business. We have some wonderful interns with loads of talent. One who just finished her internship, Maggie Sabo, will be graduating on the 14th from TCC in Norfolk, Virginia with her culinary degree! Congrats to you Maggie, and I truly hate to see you leave. You have a natural talent and will do great things in the future. Show those people in Maryland how to really make cupcakes!!! We also have Jalesa and Lanita, two high school students that are showing great promise. Last but not least, Janee'. Your came to help keep things running when we needed more counter help. You are wonderful as well. Hate to see you go as well, but it's about time to HAVE THAT BABY!!
Now, with all of that said,just want to bring you up to speed with a few things. We WON RETAILER OF THE YEAR FOR THE CITY OF PORTSMOUTH 2010. Thank you Retail Alliance!! We also participated in TASTE. A fundraiser for the foodbank on the Pennisula. We had a ball. Thank you for inviting us. Hope to se you next year. We were also hired to cater a dessert social at Montgomery Grill for some city officials and everything went well. From the chocolate fountain to the shocker of the evening, chocolate covered bacon. There were plenty of desserts to choose from. Banana Pudding, Coconut cake with Key Lime frosting, cannolis and much more. Thank you to all of our customers, I hope we make you proud.

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